write a proposal

How to write a proposal for a (test) conference

In this post I’ll talk about how to write a proposal for a conference. I love attending conferences. I also enjoy speaking at them a lot. So I hope this will help some people out there who would like to try out speaking or organizing a workshop at a conference. 1. Find a conference First you need Continue reading

I’ve written an article for Testing Trapez on drawing

Last month my article for Testing Trapez Magazine was published. It’s about using and making drawings to better explain and reach a common understanding with other as a tester in IT projects (But the article applies to any kind of project and any kind of professional position really). Have you ever had problems describing a possible Continue reading

creating app wireframes

Drawing wireframes for a better user experience

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. During this test run I cooperated with a company’s designer to construct an optimal task flow in an app. In the end I drew a complete set of wireframes for the app that the developer used for the development process. Continue reading

TDC FindMMS despair

A rant about the horror that is TDC FindMMS

Ever heard of TDC FindMMS? It’s a service from Danish telecommunications company TDC. I sometimes receive notifications per SMS that I can view an MMS message online. It sounds simple, but TDCs amazing lack of putting any thought into the user flow, allows the rest of us to learn a bunch from them. The flow of Continue reading

card sorting ux method

Card sorting shop items into fitting categories

I’ve made a series of test stories from my favorite test runs. During this test run I used the card sorting method and interviews so that a web shop could optimize their product categorization, sorting and filtering. Continue reading