Katrine Kavli cv
Katrine Kavli
Curious, bold and passionate

I've worked in very different kinds of Projects. Large IT projects with strict rules, traditions, meetings and reports, smaller projects with a casual attitude, and an environment that allows for new and exiting ideas. I fully acknowledge that projects in either spectrum have their place. I've worked with other testers, managers, designers, developers and users, and I've enjoyed meeting them, and experiencing the differences between each project.

In 2015 I was introduced to the context-driven idea of doing software testing, and I was swept away. I love how there's an alternative to standardized, long test plans and reports that no-one is reading. I love that I can do my job and use my skills and my brain instead of following a walkthrough someone else decided was the right and only thing to do. But most of all, I love that there is a common-sense-stop-the-bullshit approach to software testing.


Automation Specialist and test consultant

AP Pension / House of Test

Mar 2016 – Present

Tester on the Nærpension STP (straight-through-processing) project, a digitalization project of data flow between AP Pension, banks, pension consultants, and customers. Tasks included:

  • Test automation of many different webservices using SoapUI and SQL calls to different databases
  • Manual testing of various programs
  • Organizer of user testing sessions with the future users of the systems
  • Test coordination with other project teams
  • Usability testing of an application that had to be developed concurrently with the project.
  • Production of short, educational videos about the IT system under development. The videos were used in meetings with the stakeholders, pension consultants and managers.

Usability and UX test consultant

EWA Home / House of Test Consulting

Feb 2017 – Jun 2017

The testing done for this project was divided into two parts; The first part consisted of an expert review of the product, where I went through the company’s website, product and app, to find bugs and problematic areas. In the second part I arranged several focus group workshops with test participants in the products target group. Based on the findings I constructed an experience map of the app and product, which provided an easy overview of how test participants felt about using the product.

CX and test consultant

UX and CX consultant with responsibility for testing the user experience and to find issues and defects on the website This part of the project took place in different places of Copenhagen to emulate the actual usage of the product, but included regular reports and meetings with the project group. The various test methods used in the project included expert review, focus groups, card sorting, and in-the-wild testing.

Mobile and automation test Consultant

Test consultant at a larger pension copmpany, with responsibilities for establishing a mobile device test lab, establishing test automation in the department, working with the test processes in the department towards a more agile model, and assisting with functional testing.

Test Engineer


Functional and technical tester on maintenance project that included several of SKAT‘s platforms , such as e Export, Import and the Risk Assessment systems (RIS /RAS). Responsible for planning, performing and reporting the functional and nonfunctional test runs during development and maintenance tasks. In addition I had ongoing communication with SKAT’s project team around defects, bug fixes and new versions of the software.

Speaking and teaching

ADA_conf 2017

For the conference I organized a workshop on how to implement ideas of UX and usability in a project, even if you are not working in the UX area. The workshop had a theoretical introduction to UX and usability, followed by practical exercises where the participants redesigned a user interface.

FooCafe Malmö – ConTest 2017

For one of their evening meetups I held a talk about user experience and test methods. The focus on the talk was to present user experience testing to testers with little to no previous experience, and a practical approach to how they can use the different test methods easily in their everyday projects.

Lets Test 2016 (Runö, Sweden)

Speaker and workshop organizer for the test conference Let’s Test 2016. I arranged two workshops, one on the topic of creating and empathizing with personas in relation to testing a system, and another on improvisation, roles and the playful aspect of testing.

EC Utbildning (Malmö, Sweden 2015)

Guest lecturer for a class on the subjects of Usability design and testing, as well as mobile testing. The classes are a part of the House of Test incubation program. Lectures included practical exercises and lectures addressed at a class of adults with limited experience with the subjects.

  • Scrum master certification (2017)
  • Digital storytelling (2016)
  • Penetration Testing I, II, III and IV (2016)
  • Social Media Marketing (2016)
  • Graphical Facilitation (2015)
  • BBST Foundations / Association for Software Testing (2015)
  • Test Management (2015)
  • Rapid Software Testing / James Bach (2014)
  • ISTQB Foundations (2013)
  • English (Full professional proficiency)
  • Danish (Native or bilingual proficiency)
  • Norwegian (Professional working proficiency)
  • Swedish (Limited working proficiency)
  • Spanish (Elementary proficiency)

Technical Languages

  • HTML and CSS
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Java
  • XML
  • Visual Basic + VBA
  • C++

Drawing Testing

Testing Trapez October 2017

Article on why and how symbols and simple drawings can help testers communicate with other project members.

The Player’s Parasocial Interaction with Digital Entities

Mindtrek 2012

The paper looks into how Horton and Wohl’s theory of parasocial interaction and parasocial relationships can be applied to digital games to describe the relationship between the player and digital entities such as bots, the avatar, the player character and other players’ digital representations.

Programs and systems

HP Quality Center (ALM), JIRA, Microsoft Test Manager (TFS), Microsoft Visual Studio – Team Explorer, Jmeter